1. Consular Outreach Services will cover applications for:

Consular Outreach Services do not include issuance of Philippine visas.

2. Pre-registration is strictly required for applications for passports, filing of civil registry documents and filing of petitions for retention/re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship. Walk-ins are accommodated only for legalization of documents.

3. To pre-register:

a. Accomplish the appropriate Appointment Request form and attach to it the required documents (You may download the Forms and obtain a list of the required documents at

b. Send the duly accomplished Appointment Request form and the required documents to the Consulate General in one of three ways:

4. Pre-registration documents must be received by the Consulate General seven (7) days before the scheduled Consular Outreach Activity.

5. Payments (in CASH or MONEY ORDER only) for the consular services will be received ON SITE during the Consular Outreach. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH OR MONEY TRANSFER TO THE PHILIPPINE CONSULATE GENERAL.

6. Three (3) days before the scheduled Consular Outreach Activity, applicants who have pre-registered will receive an email or telephone call from the Consulate General confirming receipt of their applications and advising them of their appointment schedule. Applicants may be required to present additional documents to support their application, if necessary.

7. At the appointed date and time during the Consular Outreach activity, applicants must personally appear at the Consular Outreach Activity site. They must bring a print-out of their confirmation email from the Consulate General, all of the original documents, and payment.

8. Legalized documents, Reports of Birth, Marriage and Death and Certificates of Retention/Reacquisition of Filipino Citizenship may be released on the date of the Consular Outreach Activity. For passport applications and petitions for correction of clerical error or change of name in accordance with RA 9048, applicants must submit to the Consular Processor on site a self-addressed pre-paid envelope (USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation) to enable the Consulate General to mail them the new passport and the civil registry document.

9. For more information on the documentary requirements for the various consular services, please visit (Our Services).

10. For inquiries on consular outreach services, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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