Philippine Driver's License

In accordance with Land Transportation Office (LTO) Administrative Order No. RIB-2008-011 Series of 2007, it is now possible for Filipinos abroad who hold authentic Philippine license who are staying abroad to renew their expired Philippine drivers' license through a representative.

The following documents must be presented by the authorized representative of the applicant:

  1. Original driver's license and receipt (plus one photocopy of each);
  2. Photocopy of the Philippine passport (first page, visa page and departure from the Philippines and last arrival overseas);
  3. Signed Letter from the licensee to the LTO requesting the renewal, and authorizing a representative to renew the license on his / her behalf

Applicants within the National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila may apply for renewal at the License Section of the Central Office of the LTO in Quezon City.

Representatives who are outside of NCR may apply at the field office of their choice.

NOTE: only an OFFICIAL RECEIPT will be issued by the LTO to those who apply for extensions on their driver's license through a representative. A new ID-card can only be issued upon the arrival of the applicant at the LTO in the Philippines and compliance with all requirements for license renewal, including the biometrics capture, medical, vision and drug test.