Guidelines Before Proceeding to the Consulate

 All applicants are required to book an appointment before proceeding to the Consulate.

Upon reopening, the Consulate will only be accommodating applicants for the following services: 

  • Urgent passport applications
  • Travel documents
  • Overseas Voting Registration
  • Social Security System 

Other consular services (notarization, dual citizenship, visa, civil registration) will be integrated into the online appointment system once restrictions on social distancing are lifted. 

Those who need to avail of legalization should obtain an Apostille Certificate. 

Applications for civil registration reports (borth, marriage and death) can be sent by mail. 

Applications for dual citizenship could be vetted by email.  

Passport pick up will not be allowed. All passports will be mailed out to the applicants. Hence, please bring a self-addressed, stamped USPS prepaid envelope (with tracking number). 

 Before proceeding to the Consulate, make sure to: 

1. Book an appointment online. 

 2. Download and complete the application form.

 3. Prepare and bring all requirements (original documents, and photocopies, IDs, other necessary documents) and ensure that they are complete and correct. 

 4. Bring a self-addressed stamped return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail, and with tracking number via the US Postal Service (USPS). 

 5. Bring payment (cash or money order).