Special Investor's Resident Visa

Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV) may be issued to foreigners (except those classified as restricted) who are at least 21 years old, physically healthy, with no derogatory record and willing to invest at least $75,000.00 in an existing or new corporation in the Philippines. That particular Philippine corporation must be publicly listed, covered by the Investment Priority Plan (IPP) projects or engaged in the manufacturing or service sectors. Applicant's spouse and the unmarried children under 21 years of age may also be issued the same visa.


Step 1: Application with the Consulate General


  1. Passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond authorized period of stay in the Philippines and two (2) copies of a certified true copy of passport
  2. Two (2) sets of the following documents:
    1. SIRV Application Form with six (6) pieces of 2" × 2" photographs and 6 pieces of 1" × 1" photograph (SIRV Form No. 001A for Principal and SIRV Form No. 001B for spouse or dependents).
    2. Notarized medical certificate valid for six months from date of filing and duly authenticated by the Consulate General.
    3. Police Clearance Certificate, notarized by a notary public and county clerk in the applicant’s legal residence, and duly authenticated by the Consulate General. The certificate must be taken not more than six (6) months prior to date of filing of visa application.
    4. Certificate of Inward Remittance from the correspondent banks of these Accredited Depository Banks (Land Bank of the Philippines or Development Bank of the Philippines).
    5. Certificate of Peso Time Deposit (This will be forwarded by LBP or DBP to the One Stop SIRV Center in the Board of Investments within 24 hours of receipt of inward remittance).
    6. Accomplished Personal History Statement Form (issued by the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency) duly authenticated by the Consulate General.
    7. SIRV Deed of Undertaking (SIRV Form SH-001) duly authenticated by the Consulate General.
    8. Birth Certificate authenticated by the Consulate General (for the principal’s dependents).
    9. Marriage Contract authenticated by the Consulate General (for the principal’s spouse).
    10. Payment of fees:
      • Filing fee of US$500.00
      • Notarization/authentication of each document US$ 25.00 per copy
      • Courier Service - actual cost

Step 2: If the documents are complete, Consulate General will issue a stub from SIRV Form 001/1B and inform applicant that papers can be processed within 20 days provided applicant pays cost of courier service.

Step 3: Consulate General sends the application to the One-Stop SIRV Center-BOI for evaluation.

Step 4: If application is approved, the One-Stop SIRV Center-BOI endorses an approval to DFA Consular Affairs Division, which, in turn, will inform the Consulate General. Upon receipt of the Authority to Issue Visa, the Consulate General will issue to the applicant a probationary multiple-entry SIRV valid for six months.