The Consulate

The Philippine Consulate General in New York is one of the oldest foreign service posts of the Philippines. It is currently located at the Philippine Center at 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, 10036. It provides services and assistance to Filipino nationals in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

The Philippine Consulate General in New York operates in a highly dynamic environment to serve the complex and evolving needs of the Filipino-American community under its jurisdiction and promote Philippine interests. In performing its mandate, the Consulate General is guided by the following:



- To serve the Filipino public and communities under our jurisdiction with courtesy and efficiency and with principled discipline.
- To instill a spirit of nationalism, inclusivity and cooperatiom, transparency, trust, mutual courtesy, initiative, engagement and creativity.
- To promote trade, culture, tourism, education, political-surity relations and other goals as may be formulated.



 Act toward our publics with the Filipino values of courtesy, respect and a renewed spirit of efficiency.
- Promote the values mentioned above among ourselves.
- Work toward establishing or bettering ties with our host country and areas under our jurisdiction