national bureau of investigation (nbI ) clearance

In need of an NBI Clearance while abroad?

Secure and accomplish an NBI Fingerprint Card Form available at the Philippine Consulate and send it to the NBI in the Philippines to obtain the clearance.

For First-Time Applicant

Set up an Appointment

Appointment is required for this type of notarial service. To set up an appointment online for Notarial Services, please click here:

Please ensure that the name, email address and mobile number of the applicant is registered.

From the drop down menu (Selected Service), please select: Notarial

Online Payment

Indicate the quantity/number of document to be notarized: one (1) for the notarization of NBI fingerprint Card Form and pay the notarization fee through the online payment portal.

The notarization fee is US$25.00, and an additional US$5.00 convenience fee goes to the Provider.

Applicants with confirmed appointments and successful online payment will receive an SMS confirmation to the registered mobile number and three separate emails: 1st email to confirm your registration; 2nd email confirming payment; 3rd email with the attached eReceipt which you will need to download, print and bring with you on the date of your appointment.

Proceed to the Consulate on the appointment day and time

On the appointment day, submit the printed eReceipt, 2” x 2” size colored photo with plain white background, one (1) original Government-issued Identification Document (ID), showing full name, photo and signature of the applicant (Passport, Driver's license, Resident card, etc.), including two (2) photocopies of the ID. Secure a Fingerprint Card Form, have your fingerprints impressed and have the form notarized.

For Renewal of the NBI Clearance

If you have your original Personal Copy of your NBI clearance issued from 1998 onwards, simply send the following to the NBI Office. (Please refer to sending instructions below).

1. Original NBI clearance, with updated information for address and purpose of clearance indicated; otherwise, write “Same Data”, if none

2. One (1) 2″ x 2″ colored photo with white background taken 3 months before date of application.

3. Photocopy of passport with date stamped proving presence abroad.

4. Duly accomplished and notarized Fingerprint Card Form (Please refer to Steps 1 – 6 for first-time applicant). 

5. Photocopy of birth certificate and/or marriage certificate (in case there are changes in name, date of birth, or place of birth)

Note: If NBI clearance was issued prior to 1998, or you have lost your personal copy of the certificate, follow the instructions for First Time applicants from abroad.

Sending Instructions


Mail to the NBI Office the following:

  1. Accomplished and notarized Fingerprint Form
  2. Money Order* in the amount of Php 200.00 or bank draft, which is negotiable in the Philippines, payable to the Director, National Bureau of Investigation, Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines.

* Accredited banks of NBI are Philippine National Bank (PNB), Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Co. (HSBC), ANZ – A New Zealand Bank, METROBANK, and Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI)

Address your mail to:

Identification and Records Division – Mailed Clearance Section
National Bureau of Investigation
Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000 Manila

The NBI will mail to you the corresponding clearance certificate after it has been processed.

Processing takes a maximum of three (3) days, excluding days of transit.


Send the following to your representative in the Philippines:

  1. Accomplished and notarized Fingerprint Form
  2. Signed Letter authorizing your representative to transact business on your behalf.

Your representative proceeds to the NBI office indicated below to submit the form and pay the appropriate fee:

Electronic Data Processing Division (EDPD) 
National Bureau of Investigation
Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000 Manila

Upon receipt of your clearance certificate, please examine it for the presence of the embossed NBI DRY SEAL at its lower left portion. 

The clearance is invalid without it. You must also affix your clear and properly taken THUMBPRINT on the space provided for on the clearance certificate with the assistance of any local police in your area before submitting it to the end-user.