consular outreach

In an effort to bring its services closer to its constituents, the Philippine Consulate General annually conducts Consular Outreach Services organized in partnership with Filipino community organizations in the area.

The services offered during Consular Outreach missions are:

  1. Philippine passport processing (new, renewal and amendment of entries)
  2. Legalization of documents
  3. Civil registry documents (birth, marriage, and death)
  4. Reacquisition/retention of Philippine citizenship.

In addition, some Consular Outreach Services also offer information dissemination on some projects and programs that might be of interest to the Filipino community, including Registration as Overseas Voters in upcoming Philippine national elections as well as Social Security System (SSS) matters.



  1. Accomplish the appropriate appointment registration form (which may be downloaded below.)
  2. Fill out the appropriate application form for the preferred consular service. Click here to download the form/s.
  3. Scan the duly accomplished forms together with the required documents
  4. Email them to: or at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled Consular Outreach.

Appointment Request Forms 

  • Passport Appointment Request Form
  • Civil Registry Appointment Request Form
  • Dual Citizenship Appointment Request Form


Three  (3) days before the scheduled Consular Outreach, applicants who pre-registered will receive an email or telephone call from the Consulate General confirming receipt of their application and informing them of their appointment schedule.

Applicants may be required to present additional documents to support their applications, if necessary.


The applicant must personally appear at the Consular Outreach site on his appointment day and time and bring the following:

  1. Print-out of the confirmation email from the Consulate
  2. All the original required documents
  3. Payment in the form of cash or money order payable to the Philippine Consulate General in New York (personal check will not be accepted).
  4. Self-addressed stamped or pre-paid priority USPS envelope, preferably sized 10″x6″ or 12.5″x9.5″ (Metered stamps will not accepted as they expire.)


07 March 2020 | Saturday | 10 am – 4pm |

Partner Organization & Contact Details:
Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia
Ms. Nida Imperial

08 March 2020 | Sunday | 10 am – 4pm |

Partner Organization & Contact Details:
Filipino American Community Development Center
Ms. Rica Tonog

03 October 2020 | Saturday | 10 am – 4pm |

Partner Organization & Contact Details:
The Philippine American Association of Connecticut
Riel Cruz

07 November 2020 | Saturday | 10 am – 4pm |

Partner Organizations & Contact Details:
Philippine American Association of Central PA
Mr. Ross Shiraki

Kapitbayan Filipino-American Association Inc.
Ms. Jeanilyn Ficarra