claim gsis pension & benefits while abroad

Pensioners living abroad may enroll for the eCard Plus system via video call through Skype as well as renew their active status as pensioner of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).


  1. Applicants need to access  through their internet browser to get a Skype account under their name.
  2. After having done this, applicants are asked to email the GSIS at, providing the full name and Skype account user name and other required information, so that the GSIS can schedule the video call for the eCard Plus enrollment.
  3. On the scheduled appointment, a GSIS representative will call the applicant through the Skype account, and guide the applicants on the steps for enrolling for the eCard and GWAPS.

Note: The GSIS computerized enrollment kiosk installed by the GSIS at the Philippine Consulate General New York in 2007 was removed by the GSIS in 2008. Pensioners no longer need to come to the Consulate to personally enroll with the GSIS system, as they can do so on their own, through the procedure described above.

For more information, contact the GSIS through


Call the GWAPS hotline from abroad using: (632) 976-08660 or (632) 884-7400 (international toll rates apply).

  • The Voice prompt will ask you to dial your 11-digit GSIS ID card (contained on your ecard Plus) followed by the pound key (#)
  • For access to GW@PS, press 1
  • To proceed with GW@PS, press 1
  • You will then be given the options for the type of GSIS service you will need. Press “3” for Annual Renewal of Active Status.
  • The voice prompt then asks you to SAY the numbers “0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,…” then press the pound (#) sign again
  • To further confirm your identity, the voice prompt will ask you to state a four-digit number. Say these numbers then press the pound (#) sign.
  • Wait for the voice prompt confirming the successful renewal of your active status as a pensioner.
  • This will complete the once-a-year status confirmation, to be done on your birth month, that will allow you to receive your monthly GSIS pension

For detailed information about requirements and process of enrollment and renew active status of GSIS pensioners abroad, please visit