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Starting 29 June 2020, appointment is required for the following services.

  • Assistance to Nationals (ATN)
  • Legalization / Notarials
  • Overseas Voting Registration
  • Passport Application & Pick Up
  • Travel Document
  • SSS

What you need on your Appointment Day


Applicants will not be allowed to enter without an appointment.


Applicants may be allowed inside earlier than scheduled but not earlier than five (5) minutes from their appointment schedule.


Only applicants with printed duly- accomplished form and complete requirements will be processed.


Payment for services must be in the form of cash or money order payable to the Philippine Consulate General in New York. Personal checks are not accepted.


Personal pick-up of passport & other documents is discouraged. Please bring USPS Priority envelope with appropriate stamp and tracking number.


Applicants will not be allowed to enter without an appointment.


The applicant's body temperature will be checked using a non-contact thermometer. If the temperature is higher than 100.4F, the applicant will be advised to return home.


Only one applicant is allowed to enter, unless accompanying a minor, very elderly, pregnant or disabled applicant.

Read the step by step guide and frequently asked questions before setting up an appointment:


Step 1

After clicking the Online appointment icon, you will be directed to the website

Step 2

Choose the type of consular service.

Step 3

Select the date and time of your preferred appointment.

Step 4

The System will ask again about the applicant’s details for confirmation and verification purposes.

Step 5

Confirmation notification with a code will appear once you have successfully booked an appointment. This will be followed by timely notifications or reminders via SMS/text messages and email until the completion of your appointment.


The provision of a mobile number is crucial. 

  • Confirmation text will be sent once appointment is successfully made
  • Reminder text will be sent 24 hours prior to appointment date
  • Reminder text will be sent on the day of the appointment


  • Will you accept walk-ins?

    No. Walk-ins will not be entertained. This is in keeping with physical distancing, a protective measure against the spread of COVID-19.

  • How will I book appointment?

    You need to book an appointment online through our website; please click on the following link:

  • Can I ask somebody else to book an appointment on my behalf?

    Yes. However, you must ensure that it is your name and your email and mobile number that is registered so you will receive the confirmation.

    Remember, on the day of the appointment, if your name is not on the list you will be denied entry.

  • What consular services are currently available at the Consulate?

    Beginning 10 August, PCGNY has been accommodating applicants for the following services:

  • How do I book an appointment for Civil Registration/ Legalization/Visa?

    To ensure optimal crowd management and social distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, PCGNY currently requires – 

    Civil Registration applicants to MAIL their application. Instructions are found in the following link:

    Dual Citizenship applicants to go through PRE-VETTING by visiting the following link:

    Visa applicants to MAIL their application. Instructions are found in the following link:

  • What are the hours of operation of the Consulate?

    From 21 September 2020, PCGNY has been operating from 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday (except on announced PH and US holidays).

    For a list of these holidays, please visit:

  • How will I determine if my passport renewal is urgent?

    It may be considered urgent if your passport is your only form of identification or if you need it for your work permit. Otherwise, please wait until the situation normalizes before you have your passports renewed.

  • What do I need to bring with me during my appointment day?

    To avoid delays or refusals, please bring your accomplished application form, your passport, and all support documents (both originals and photocopies). Also bring your proof of your appointment, photo ID, face mask and payment.

    If you wish your passport/legalized documents to be mailed to you, include a self-addressed, stamped, flat rate priority envelope with tracking number.

    If your name is not on the list, you will be denied entry. Please ensure that you register your name as it appears on your passport/IDs when you book an appointment.

  • How soon will I get my new passport?

    Due to the situation in the Philippines affecting logistics, there may be delays in the processing and delivery of your passport since all passports are produced in the Philippines. Expect an additional 2-4 weeks delay.

  • Do I need to contact the Consulate to request for an update on the availability of my passport?

    No. You can check our website to track the availability of your passport at:

    Also, if you applied for a passport beginning July 2020, you will receive an SMS informing you once your passport is already ready for pick up. You will then need to set an appointment to pick it up at the consulate (if you did not leave an envelope for us to mail it to you).

  • What should I do to have my Special Power of Attorney/Affidavit notarized?

    When you book an appointment, choose the service “Legalization/Notarial”

    You would need to bring the following:

    • Two (2) copies of the unsigned document;
    • Two (2) original Government-issued Identification Documents (IDs), showing full name, photo, and signature of the applicant;
    • Two (2) photocopies of IDs for every document to be legalized; and
    • Processing Fee of US$25.00 per document (not per page)

    For more information on legalization/consularization of documents, kindly visit:

  • What should I do to apply for an NBI clearance?

    When you book an appointment, choose the service “Legalization/Notarial”

    Once your NBI Fingerprint card form has been authenticated by the Philippine Consulate, you would need to submit it to the NBI.

    For more information on how to accomplish an NBI Fingerprint card form, please visit:

  • Who can apply for a Philippine visa?

    Effective 09 August, the following shall be required to possess or secure the appropriate visas in order to be allowed entry into the Philippines:

    1. Foreign spouses, regardless of nationality, of Philippine citizens;
    2. Foreign minor children or foreign children with special needs (regardless of age) of Philippine citizens; and
    3. Foreign parents of minor children who are Philippine citizens or Philippine citizens with special needs regardless of age.

    This requirement includes former Philippine citizens who belong to the above-mentioned categories, and are not dual citizens.

    In addition to the standard requirements for a visa, foreign spouses and parents/children should show proof of marriage or filiation, together with proof of the citizenship of the Philippine spouse or parent/child and proof that the Philippine spouse or parent/child will be travelling with them or is in the Philippines.

    For the list of basic requirements, please visit:

    All visa applications shall be submitted by mail to:

    Consulate General of the Philippines

    Visa Section 556

    Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036

    For inquiries, please send an email to

  • How about the Balikbayans? Can they still avail of the Balikbayan privilege?

    The Balikbayan privilege, as well as issuance of other types of visas not covered by the exemption mentioned in the previous entry, is still suspended until further notice. 

  • Do I need a mobile number and email address to book?

    Yes. Please make sure you have a valid mobile number and email address. Automated confirmatory messages as well as updates will be sent to you through both.

  • Could I pay online?

    No. For in-person transactions, you would need to pay during your appointment through cash or money order. For mailed applications, you would need to pay through money order – no cash should be mailed!

  • Can I book for more than one service?

    No. You may only book your primary service (ex. Passport application). However, if you wish to avail of a secondary service/s (ex. Overseas voter registration), please inform the consular assistant at the window so that you may be duly endorsed to the next service.

  • How early could I book an appointment?

    You may book an appointment as early as thirty (30) days in advance.

  • Will you accept family bookings for passport?

    Yes. However, family booking will only be for a parent accompanying their minor child/ren. Other members of the family who are adults are required to have separate online appointments.

    Please be warned, family appointments with non-minors will be cancelled.

  • I tried booking an appointment but it says there are no available slots. What should I do?

    The design of the system is that the opening of slots can be done at a maximum thirty (30) calendar days in advance. For example, the 19 October slots it will be available only 19 September.

    Passport appointment time slots are from 9.00am to 4.00pm. For example, 21 October appointments for 9.00am will automatically be made available at 9.00am on 21 September (and not earlier) and every ten minutes after until 3.50pm. Please try booking again by then.

    Other service slots are made available every fifteen (15) minutes following the same schedule.

  • Will there be a courtesy lane for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, and others with special circumstances?

    No. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 all clients are required to book an appointment.

  • Could a companion be allowed for applicants?

    Those who need physical assistance such as the very elderly, persons with disabilities, and pregnant women may be allowed one companion each.

  • How early should I be at the Consulate to be admitted inside?

    Applicants may be allowed inside earlier than scheduled but not earlier than five (5) minutes from their appointment schedule. For example, if your appointment is at 10:30am, the earliest you may be allowed entry is at 10:25am. This is dependent, however, on the current number of applicants inside the building.

    Please do not come too early at the Consulate since there is no waiting area outside the building. If you do come early, you can wait at the nearby coffee shops. Please do not congregate outside the door of the Philippine Center.

  • Do I need to wear a mask?

    Yes. If you are not wearing a face mask you will be denied entry.

  • What if I have a fever?

    Temperatures will be checked using a non-contact thermometer. If your temperature is 100.4F or above, you will be asked to return home.

  • What happens if I am late for my appointment?

    You will be given several notifications by text message when your appointment nears so you won’t forget. If you do not come on time, your appointment will be cancelled and you will have to book a new one.

  • What happens if my application/submission lacks certain documents/requirements?

    You will be asked to return at a later date, in which case you may have to book another appointment.

  • What if I have a question about the appointment system that is not addressed in your website?

    You may email your appointment-related question to:

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