ADVISORY No. 7-2021

2 February 2021


The Philippine Consulate General in New York kindly advises the Fil-Am Community of the following operational guidelines when arriving in the Philippines, issued by the National Task Force COVID-19:

  1. From the point of origin, you are required to register to E-CIF to secure a unique QR Code to be presented to OSS (One Stop Shop) upon arrival in the Philippines.

For Terminal 2 PAL Passengers:

For Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Foreign Airlines:

Pre-book at any Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ)-accredited hotel for at least seven (7) days beginning on your arrival date in the Philippines. Also, have a ready cash of Php 4,000.00 for RT-PCR Testing and corresponding amount for transportation expense.

  1. Upon arrival at the airport, submit the accomplished Health Declaration Form to the Bureau of Quarantine.
  2. Non-OFWs/Foreign Nationals will be led to the One Stop Shop Briefing Area for a short briefing by the Philippine Coast Guard on quarantine protocols and distribution of Affidavit of Undertaking.
  3. Proceed to DOT (Department of Tourism) Desk for validation/endorsement/confirmation of quarantine hotel facility.
  4. Proceed to Private Laboratory Desk for Validation &  Confirmation of Data and make payment of Php 4,000 for RT-PCR Testing to be conducted in your chosen quarantine hotel facility.
  5. Proceed to Bureau of Immigration for clearance .
  6. Retrieve luggage(s).
  7. Submit duly accomplished Affidavit of Undertaking to Philippine Coast Guard.
  8. Get airport taxi to bring you to your chosen quarantine facility/hotels and observe strict quarantine procedure.
  9. While on quarantine, take time to plan for your follow-on travel upon getting negative RT-PCR test results and BOQ Health Clearance. Consider the following:

    – Airline or bus ticket

    – Letter of Acceptance from your own local government unit (LGU).

    – Travel Pass from any PNP office at point of departure

  1. On Day 6, conduct of RT-PCR Swab Testing at the quarantine facility by assigned COVID-19 Private laboratory. Continue observing strict quarantine protocols while waiting for test results.
  2. Upon receipt of negative RT-PCR result via email, expect to receive the Bureau of Quarantine Health Certificate indicating actual number of days on quarantine.
  3. Present yourself to the quarantine hotel facility in-charge with documents mentioned in item 12.
  4. Upon clearance, avail of authorized transportation means to your final destination. Do not loiter around and expose yourself to possible source of transmission. Your delay in reporting to your LGU can be a ground for imposition of another 14 days quarantine. Always observe health protocols during your travel.
  5. Upon arrival in your locality, report to your barangay officials for accounting and instructions. Your LGU has been informed earlier about your arrival through a DILG mechanism.
  1. Complete home/quarantine at the barangay for the remaining balance until the required 14 days or as your LGU instructs.
  2. Once released from quarantine by LGU, continue observing minimum health standards like wearing of face mask, maintaining physical distance and washing of hands. Also, keep your immune system always high by having enough sleep, eating the correct food and doing regular physical exercise.

*Not all foreign nationals are qualified to return to the Philippines. “Balikbayans” (former natural born Filipino citizens, including their foreign spouses and children who are traveling with them) will be admitted to the Philippines.  To find out if a foreign national is qualified, please visit