Public Advisory

19 January 2022


The Philippine Consulate General in New York advises the public to exercise extreme vigilance and caution when donating or sharing financial details to individuals and/or organizations soliciting material and/or financial donations purportedly for victims of disasters in the Philippines.

Prospective donors are further advised to verify and confirm the authenticity of their intended charitable organization or fundraising/donation program to ensure that their donations are not pocketed or diverted to operations outside of the intended charitable cause.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from questionable fundraising activities:

  1. Do not let anyone make you feel pressured or rushed when making a donation.
  2. Do not give your bank details, credit card number, checking account number and other personal information to someone you do not know or have just met.
  3. Take the time to research about an organization and its programs, taking into consideration if it is a reputable organization or whether it operates domestically or internationally. 
  4. Request specific information and seek transparency about how an organization will use your donation. Will it go to your intended recipient or will it mostly be used for administrative and fundraising expenses?
  5. Do not assume that a fundraising program or charitable organization is legitimate just because an acquaintance posted it on social media.
  6. If you believe that you were duped into giving a donation, immediately call your bank to discuss your options.

Please note that the Philippine Embassy and the Consulates General in the US are not authorized to solicit donations for victims of Typhoon Odette nor are they responsible for ensuring accountability over donations, especially of a financial nature, given by the public to non-government organizations in the Philippines.