How to Avail of Services During the Covid-19 Outbreak

  SERVICE IS PERSONAL APPEARANCE NECESSARY? RECOMMENDATION Passport Application Yes Defer applying for a passport unless and until your passport has expired and you have an urgent trip ahead. Civil Registration (Reports of Birth, Marriage, or Death) No Mail documentaryrequirements to:   Philippine Consulate General in New York Attn: Civil Registration Unit 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036   Notarization of documents (e.g. Special Power of Attorney; Affidavits; Contracts) No Obtain an “Apostille Certificate” instead, which, in most cases, could be obtained by mail.   Have the document notarized first by a local notary public, then have it “Apostilled” by the Office of the Secretary of State which has jurisdiction over your place of residence.   For more information, please check with your respective Offices of the Secretary of State. “Dual Citizenship”/Retaining or Reacquiring Philippine Citizenship No for preprocessing of documents.   Yesfor oath-taking   Email scanned documentary requirements to: the email subject: “Request to Preprocess” OR   Mail photocopies of documentary requirements to:   Philippine Consulate General in New York Attn: Dual Citizenship Unit 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036   Once all documents are found complete, you will be contacted to schedule your oath-taking.  …

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In an effort to bring its services closer to its constituents, the Philippine Consulate General annually conducts Consular Outreach Services. Organized in partnership with Filipino community organizations in the area, the Consular Outreach Services accepts applications for Philippine passport issuance (new, renewal and amendment of entries), legalization of documents, civil registry documents (birth, marriage, and death) and reacquisition/retention of Philippine citizenship.In addition, some Consular Outreach Services also offer information dissemination on some projects and programs that might be of interest to the Filipino community.   The Social Security System occasionally joins the Consular Outreach. Setting an appointment with the SSS is not necessary.   With the upcoming 2022 Philippine Presidential Elections, consularoutreach missions, beginning 2020, will also applications for Registration as Overseas Voters.   BASIC REMINDERS:    Please use any of the following email addresses to register for the Consular Outreach:   If you are going to avail of a consular service on a Saturday at the office of the Philippine Consulate General in New York at 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10036, and not outside New York City, then please click Consulate Saturday.   To ensure order, an appointment system is applied for those who wish…

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2020 Consulate Saturday

Please be informed that Pre-Registration is not required for Consular Saturdays. Applicants will be accommodated on "first come, first-served basis." Please review the documentary requirements of our Consular Services in "Our Services" Menu Notice on Mailing Services: Please be informed that the Consulate does not provide mailing services.Should you wish to receive your passport or documents by mail, you are advised to make arrangements w/ courier services.You may wish to provide the Consulate with a self-addressed postage-paid priority mail stamped envelope from the US Postal Service (w/ tracking number) or any other courier service except FedEx. Please be further informed of the following: Meter stamps are discouraged as they expire. Postage stamps should be used. Priority mail flat rate envelopes from the US Postal Service with either 10 x 6 or 12.5 x 9.5 dimensions should be used.          The enveloped with 15 x 9.5 dimensions is discouraged as it entails extra and unnecessary cost for the client For more information, call 212-764-1330  

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