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Press Release

11 March 2021

Eligible Consulate Personnel Get the Vaccine

(L-R) Deputy Consul General Kerwin Orville Tate, Theresa Resurreccion and Wilson Ros avail of their 1st dose of the Covid Vaccine at designated facilities in New York and New Jersey.

New York City, 11 March  – Eligible Philippine Consulate General in New York personnel, including Deputy Consul General Kerwin Orville C. Tate, were among the tri-state residents who availed of the COVID19 vaccine shots made accessible by state governments in the U.S. Northeast.

Because of age or other underlying co-morbidities, the Consulate’s staff were deemed eligible for the vaccine, under their respective state’s eligibility criteria. Deputy Consul General Tate started looking for available vaccination slots as soon as he learned he was eligible, and managed to secure one in the early days of March. Other staff members were even more fortunate, having qualified and received the vaccine in February. None of those vaccinated reported any side effects from receiving the vaccine.

Mr. Tate stated that he considered the facts around getting and was convinced of the vaccines’ safety and efficacy. “We need everyone, especially in the Filipino and Filipino-American community, who are eligible to immediately secure their spots for getting their vaccination shots” he said, and further noted that the more people are vaccinated, the easier it will be for the greater community to build herd immunity from the virus, and the sooner everything will get back to normalcy. END