Public Advisory

21 July 2022


Filipinos who may find themselves in distress due to hate incidents or other crimes that may involve them or other kababayan are requested to call the hotlines of the Consulate General of the Republic of the Philippines in New York at +1-917-294-0196 and +1-917- 239-4118 for assistance. Kababayan may also call 911 in case of emergency. The Consulate is requesting kababayan to report such incidents so that it can more accurately assess the situation and issue timely advisories to help ensure the safety and security of members of the Filipino Community. The Consulate was informed today of a hate incident involving a 51-year-old Filipina who was verbally assaulted and harassed by what appeared to be a homeless woman who also tried to prevent her from boarding her train at the 63rd Drive Subway Station in Rego Park, Queens on Saturday afternoon. This is the 42nd case of a hate-related incident or criminal act involving a member of the Filipino Community that was reported to or monitored by the Consulate since last year. Kababayan residing in New York and those on temporary visits are reminded to always remain vigilant and to take the necessary precautions, especially when walking in the streets or taking mass transport.