video conference hearing


(1) Your lawyer must send an email about the date, time and nature of your case hearing to the following:

Notarials Section

Philippine Consulate General in New York

cc: Vice Consul (Atty.) Paolo Marco R. Mapula

(2) The request for the conduct of videoconferencing must ideally be filed at least one month ahead of the preferred date for the PCGNY to make the necessary preparations. In view of the time difference between New York, USA and the Philippines, the date and time for the conduct of the VCH should be scheduled during a weekday, Monday to Friday (except holidays), preferably at 7:00 p.m. (New York Time)

(3)  The schedule of the videoconference hearing must be mutually agreed upon between PCGNY and the pertinent court.

(4)  Should there be a court order issued, prior to seeking the assistance of PCGNY, and the deferment of the said videoconference hearing would create an injustice on either of the litigants, PCGNY will endeavor to accommodate the date indicated in the said court order but subject to its own limitations.

(5)  Counsel of pertinent litigant/witness should certify to PCGNY that the nature of the case is such that the execution of a judicial affidavit or the conduct of written interrogatories in lieu of the videoconferencing cannot be an alternative.

(6)  Once the schedule of the videoconference hearing is mutually agreed upon, PCGNY will provide the following:

     (a)  Set up of the area where the videoconference hearing will be held;

     (b)  Display of the Philippine Flag;

     (c)  Microphone, if necessary;

     (d)  Technical assistance, if necessary.

(7)  The litigant or witness is expected to bring his/her own laptop and use his/her own Wi-Fi network.

(8)  The litigant or witness is expected to arrive thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled hearing.

(9)  The litigant or witness is expected to log himself/herself in to the virtual conference platform provided by the court.

(10)  Unless prohibited by the judge, one (1) consulate personnel shall be present in the venue during the videoconference hearing. Such presence will be subject to existing data protection regulations.

The said consulate personnel, if required by the judge, will identify himself/herself on screen, show his/her proof of identification, and confirm that the videoconference hearing is indeed being conducted within the premises of PCGNY.

(11) The litigant or witness shall pay the amount of Two Hundred and Twenty-Three US Dollars (US$223.00) for the use of the venue. The fee can be paid by money order (not personal check) or cash (if able to go to the consulate). The fee should be paid one (1) week before the scheduled videoconference hearing.

If the litigant or witness is unable to go to the Consulate before the scheduled hearing to pay for the use of the venue, he/she may send the money order by mail/courier to the following address:


Philippine Consulate General

556 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10036

The litigant or witness is expected to take note of the tracking number of the envelope (with enclosed money order) so that he/she can monitor the progress of the money order’s delivery.

For the schedule of fees, please click here:

(12) Should the litigant or witness require a certification to the effect that the videoconference hearing was conducted at the PCGNY, a fee of US$40.00 (forty US Dollars) will be charged for the certificate.

(13) Official receipt shall be issued for all fees paid by the litigant or witness.