Unity Iftar event at the Philippine Center. Maghrib Prayer led by Sgt. Mohammad A. Latif of NYPD (Photo by Maria Annette F. Aquino-Herrera)

The Philippine Consulate General in New York hosted the Unity Iftar event at the Philippine Center on 19 March. Over 70 guests were in attendance, including representatives from Filipino community organizations, the New York Police Department, various departments of the New York City government, and Filipinos from diverse backgrounds, both Muslim and non-Muslim.


The event was organized in partnership with the Kinding Sindaw Heritage Foundation, Inc., and it aimed to promote unity and solidarity among Filipinos of all faith traditions. During the event, Consul General Senen T. Mangalile welcomed the participants and highlighted the shared values that unite all Filipinos, regardless of their religious beliefs. Everyone was urged to work together in helping others overcome barriers, address inequality, and ensure that all Filipinos can benefit from the promise of Bagong Pilipinas.



This year marked the 8th edition of Post’s annual Unity Iftar event, which has become a significant communal gathering during the holy month of Ramadan. It provides an opportunity for Filipinos to come together in solidarity with Filipino Muslims and join them in breaking their fast at sunset. The event serves as a platform to foster unity, promote understanding, and celebrate the diversity of cultures, religions, and communities within the Filipino community.

Unity Iftar event at the Philippine Center. Consul General Senen T. Mangalile delivers his remark (Photo by Ruth Galiza).
Unity Iftar event at the Philippine Center. Community gathering for Iftar (Photo by Maria Annette Aquino-Herrera)